About us

We’re Brandon Consultants, a creative design agency that specialises in refreshing established and iconic brands for growth.

We help businesses exploit the power of brand by ensuring it plays a meaningful role in people’s lives.


We believe that all brands should review and refresh themselves regularly to stay relevant. Great brands create relevance fit for the future. You can be the brand that refreshes and creates that future. Or, you can be the brand that the future happens to.

Brands are the icons that shape our lives: touchpoints and logos, packaging and advertising, moments and movements. They are about the people who love them, leave them and tell stories about them. Brands, like people, have to constantly look in the mirror and evolve, or stand still and get left behind. We make sure they still mean something special in our hearts and lives.

We review and refresh brands regularly, creating renewed relevance fit for the future.


We quickly get to the heart of the matter, understanding what you mean today and what you need to mean tomorrow. We ask the right questions by immersing ourselves in your world, not as over-hyped consultants but as experts who buy into your brand. We watch, we listen, we learn. We believe in the power of great ideas to transform brands and business. Ideas that bring people and brands together, ideas that refresh business by renewing relevance.

The core reason you exist rarely changes, but how you live and what you offer needs to evolve to stay relevant.