From bedtime to anytime


There are many iconic Great British brands that, throughout their longevity, have managed to keep their hardcore fans loyal. However, for Horlicks this had led to two consumer misconceptions which were keeping its consumer base firmly in the aged 65+ bracket and in decline – firstly that it’s a bedtime drink, and secondly that it’s a drink for your grandparents.

But Horlicks is a drink for everyone; one that can help people relax, unwind and recharge (and an antidote to ‘faster, harder, stronger’ messaging of energy drinks). Horlicks wanted to bring this positioning to life on pack, attract a broader audience and communicate the wider product benefits that are relevant in modern life.


Our research showed positive nostalgia associations with the brand, and its caffeine-free, malted taste was the perfect remedy to the always-on world in which we live.

Modern life can be chaotic and having lengthy me time is generally an unachievable goal, so our new positioning of a ‘Horlicks moment’ not only encourages people to slow down regardless of the time of day, or time of life, but also addresses the brand’s issues.

Born from nostalgia, but with a contemporary twist, our new brand identity reflects a daydream like moment in a mug, and instantly moves the product from functional to emotional escapism.

Across the variants, relaxing scenes appear from the comforting vapour of a frothy mug of Horlicks, encouraging users to ‘take a moment’. Each scene consistently focuses on a warm inviting home to which a steam road leads its characters, giving each pack a warm, human element. A consistent illustration architecture elements bring strong product blocking and shelf-standout. And an upward smile on the ‘H’ of the brand mark adds warmth.

The impact

Horlicks’ revitalised look brings it to the forefront of people’s minds and sets it up as an anytime drink for both existing and new consumers. Its increased shelf standout encourages desire at the point of purchase and, as a result, Horlicks’ value sales increased by +16.7% in the year following relaunch.

But the last word goes to The Mirror, which in January 2020 ran the following article: ‘Stressed-out millennials hooked on Horlicks as antidote to busy lives; Young people have helped boost sales of the traditional bedtime drink, which first hit shelves almost 150 years ago’.

We couldn’t have written the headline better ourselves!

+16.7% growth in year 1 post rebrand

Surpassed target for household penetration by 46%

47% market share cemented Horlicks' position as #1 in Malted Drinks category


Brandon has successfully found a way to communicate the wider relaxation benefits of Horlicks to appeal to a fresh audience, but also ensure our loyal consumer base has not been alienated. Initial research already shows the new identity appeals to Horlicks’ consumers and those who drink hot milky drinks.

Michelle Younger
Marketing Manager, Horlicks