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Brandon and Sneak Energy launch Soho sex shop activation

Energy drink brand Sneak has collaborated with Brandon to create “a sensory experience that leveraged the brand’s community spirit” through the unusual theme of a branded sex-shop. Where else but in London’s Soho?

It’s a well-worn maxim that sex sells, but so do energy drinks – the UK’s energy drink sector is now valued at over £1.7 billion, is growing at +13%, and accounts for over one-in-three soft drinks sold in convenience stores, making the two less unlikely ‘bedfellows’ than at first glance.

Sneak Energy is disrupting the category with its innovative and gamer-centric approach, quickly becoming a leading brand.

“We conceptualised an entire retail space and utilised Sneak’s quirky and unique brand positioning to design a tongue-in-cheek experience that combines fantasised worlds with hyper-realistic gaming” said Brandon’s design director, Joe Bembridge. “We curated the entire customer journey, from physical advertising in the area through to immersion in the space – participation and navigation were key to delivering a high-quality experience.”

The storefront immediately evokes thoughts of a Soho sex shop and by incorporating humour, innuendo, and gaming, the experience invites individuals to immerse themselves in a world that provocatively combines fantasy with hyper-realistic gaming. This light-hearted celebration of cosplay, gaming and sexual innuendo is fuelled by the playful energy of the Sneak brand identity, and seeks to tap into the spirit of Valentine’s Day later this week.

Brandon Event Concept Sketch
Brandon Event Photography

“The space is set to attract a new customer base through product sampling and brand awareness” said Emma Bell, senior account manager at Brandon. “As this will be the brands’ first retail activation, in a highly invigorated, liberal area of the city – the event is opportune for capturing prospective audiences that can be a part of Sneak’s cultural diversity. Whilst dominating the digital space, the brand needed to explore physical spaces for the first time to connect with consumers face-to-face.”