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We're proud to be a certified B Corp business.

As a business we’ve always strived to do the right thing, be that how we treat our people and our partners, or just any human that crosses our threshold. It ties into one of our core values of ‘Be Humankind’ to everybody. But we haven’t had a global benchmark to follow for several years. B-Corp is a movement that came onto our radar through our work with Ella’s Kitchen, one of the founding businesses that has helped to shape the movement here in the UK. 

It’s a great yardstick for us to ensure we keep on the straight and narrow across all facets of the business: purpose & stakeholder governance, workplace culture, fair wages, justice, equity, diversity & inclusion, human rights, climate, environment and government affairs.

The design industry can do so much to shape the positive impact required in the world, especially in influencing the decisions made through our clients actions, helping to ensure that they do the right thing for the planet, their people and the communities they serve. It just felt right for us to work towards improving every little aspect of the business and make a small dent into those client decisions that can strive for continual improvement.

We took this opportunity to really question our place in the wider world, not only in our industry, but where we can make better decisions to be better citizens of the world - be that working with suppliers who share our values, getting out into the community more, supporting emerging talent or educating our people. And importantly we looked at ways to build a sustainable business, and ensuring our good fortune as an agency filters down to the team who help us every day to achieve great things.

But B-Corp certification is just the start, we are continuously looking at ways to improve life at Brandon for everyone. That’s what families do and we call on the rest of the design community to jump on board and help to make the world a better place. Every little helps!

Richard Brandon Taylor