09 November 2021

Brandon provides Bob Martin with a clear path for growth

Affordable pet care brand, Bob Martin, has launched its new visual identity by Brandon.

As part of a wider channel strategy, the brand’s owners – Pets Choice – wanted to re-engage with retailers with a clearer branded proposition to maintain confidence and grow listings, but also to drive future growth opportunities, particularly amongst younger pet owners.

In an increasingly competitive market, Bob Martin was starting to be seen as a bit old-fashioned and buyers were finding it difficult to understand the difference between its products and, in particular, its Clear and Clear Plus ranges. The team appointed Brandon to drive brand equity while addressing the on-pack messaging hierarchy for its products.

Brandon’s Account Director, Emma Wilson, says:

“Bob Martin was established in 1892 and has a strong heritage in pet care, but in such a competitive category it had started to lose its relevance. As with so many briefs we get, we had to find a way to tap into shopper need states to make it relevant once more. We discovered that with so many scientific-sounding products available, customers just want to know that what they’re buying will work. As the brand isn’t sold in vets, shoppers want the reassurance that they’re buying the right product for their pet.

“To that end, our new visual identity is built around a shield device. This not only provides the brand with a strong asset, but its repelling lines instantly conveys the protection and care that pet owners are seeking.”

Addressing the need for differentiation, the brand now has a clearly defined architecture, including carefully evolved marks for Bob Martin, Clear and Clear Plus. Beneath that, are clear descriptions for application method, product name and variant. The variants are also made much easier to shop through the use of colour (blue for treatment and orange for repellent), which is pulled through into the claims box, and the clear results provide the evidence of efficacy that’s desired by shoppers.

The Clear Plus range is further elevated through the use of silvers and highlighting the additional benefits up front and centre.

Julie Butcher, Head of Marketing at Pets Choice says:

“Once again, Brandon has proved to be an invaluable partner in our fight for relevance. Bob Martin now has a clear proposition and a strong framework to enable future growth opportunities, and it has provided us with the direction that we needed to successfully re-engage with retailers, even securing new listings as a direct result.”