22 October 2021

Carex launches new Nurture range in response to frequent hand washing

As the UK’s number one hand wash brand, and the first company to introduce liquid antibacterial hand wash and hand gel sanitiser into the UK, Carex is known for taking care of families’ hygiene needs.  

But, for the launch of its new Nurture range, which was created in response to more frequent handwashing during the pandemic, it was important to deliver on two key propositions – both protection and caring.

For a while we’ve seen the increasing trend for bathroom products that people would be proud to have on display. However, the pandemic has added another dimension with the desire to show visitors to our homes that we’re taking handwashing seriously; that we’re not only protecting ourselves but we’re looking out for our friends and family too by using the best and most soothing products available.

For Carex Nurture it was important to get this balance of messaging right, and to create a look and feel that would complement any bathroom. With muted and natural tones, we’ve taken inspiration from interior design trends, but emphasised the natural and nourishing ingredients to differentiate and highlight the benefit of each variant.

Available in stores across the country, if you haven’t got your hands on them yet, we suggest you do – they’ll thank you for it.