16 April 2017

Eggcellent Easter Eggs

Easter is here! And while we're all off eating our Easter eggs I’ve rounded up some of the best luxury eggs that were on offer this year.

I've taken a look at the interesting flavours, amazing packaging and the increasingly important environmental conscience.

1. Hotel Chocolat always come up with something special, and you can count on them to deliver some impressive but classic packaging. The ostrich egg is particularly impressive, but pricey with it! It comes in a lovely ‘hat box’ style packaging, I like the fact that it looks like a wrapped present already, and the packaging is not like a normal egg package – it looks like something to be treasured and kept to store other things inside.

2. To capitalise on the more recent trend of clean eating, Melt London have created a healthy(ish!) Egg. ‘The dark chocolate shell is filled with fabulous dark chocolate mini eggs topped with bee pollen, almond nibs, cacao nibs, goji berries and quinoa’. This may seem a bit pretentious, but the packaging can at least leave you with a clearer conscience than some standard eggs as it is fully recyclable and reusable. Even better, it looks like an avocado.

3. Rococo chocolates have a range of luxury chocolate Easter eggs and other sweet treats on offer. They are also a member of the ‘Positive Brands to Trust’ community. Their particular achievements include organic production, environmentally friendly packaging and locally sourced produce. Here is one example that I particularly liked because the window allows the hand painted egg to speak for itself.

4. Finally if you want to impress without breaking the bank this Vorrei egg would be perfect at £10.50. It is hand made and hand wrapped in the colour of your choice which means you don’t even have to wrap it – it’s a ready made present! Another bonus is that it is 100% vegan so will even cater to trickier customers.

The options for Easter really are endless these days, so it isn’t too hard to find a really tasty one with exciting packaging that shows it off.

Grace Buckley
Brand Designer