08 March 2023

Emma Godman, Senior Strategist: The Power of Introverts

Given it's International Women’s Day I have been reflecting on my own experience of what being a woman in business means to me and wanted to share some thoughts…

We have all heard the inspirational teachings of Sheryl Sandberg on leaning in, working hard and asserting ourselves to succeed. Whilst these give me that tingly, get up and go feeling, as an introvert in an industry dominated by extroverts – I still find I am missing a piece of the puzzle.

Being an introvert is often mistaken for shyness - in reality, it relates to how we respond to stimulation, with introverts preferring lower-stimulation environments. For me, that means I like socialising but also need time to recharge my batteries; find it easier to connect in a smaller group; and prefer taking my time to reflect before I speak.

According to Susan Cain, best-selling author of ‘Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking’, extroverts and introverts are like yin and yang – they enjoy & need each other, and both have a role to play. I am lucky enough that at Brandon we take this philosophy to heart and recognise it's essential to our success.  We know it’s our diversity that makes us a stronger team where everyone brings a unique perspective and has strengths to play to; it enables us to best understand our client’s diverse consumer bases; and ultimately means we can help them win their fight for relevance.

However, over the years I feel I have had to work hard to challenge other peoples and perhaps more crucially my own perceptions on just how much a quieter woman is capable of, so in the spirit of embracing equity this International Women’s Day I am sharing 5 female role models that show us it is the quieter ones you’ve got to watch… in a good way.

  1. Emma Watson – accomplished actress that we grew up with on the screen as Hermione Granger; Emma is also a powerful voice for women’s rights and gender equality which she represents in her role as UN Women Goodwill Ambassador.


  1. Amy Schumer – confident and hilarious, as a successful comedian Amy is no stranger to putting herself out there in the name of entertainment and she certainly knows how to make us laugh being an Emmy award winner and Golden Globe nominee.


  1. Queen Elizabeth II – ascending to the throne at just 25 she became the longest reigning British monarch and female head of state. During her rein she worked with 15 prime ministers and was known for her strength and empathy.


  1. Oprah – famous for her ability to openly and authentically discuss sensitive and vulnerable topics, Oprah’s bravery to share has helped and inspired many to overcome their own personal challenges.


  1. Eleanor Roosevelt – one of the most influential women of her time – she vocally supported social justice and equality. She served as the first chair of the UN Commission on Human Rights and played an instrumental role in drafting the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


And for good measure – if you want to check out some of the men, try Bill Gates, Barack Obama, Albert Einstein, Steven Spielberg or Michael Jordan.