20 September 2022

Innovation - it's the little things that matter

Everybody in the world of consumer goods strives for game changing innovation - that world beating idea that will pull you above and beyond the competitive set in your shoppers' minds. But in truth, continuous incremental innovation is what's needed for most categories to stay relevant and in people's lives.

My wife bought a Fairy 'Max Power' example* of incremental innovation into my life this morning, and it's small, but it matters.

The insight was no doubt that people only have one hand free when walking around the kitchen doing their breakfast/lunch/dinner clean, and with said hand, you usually have to pop the top of a Fairy lid with your thumb. Which is just a little bit inconvenient if you can't master the art.

So the team at Fairy no doubt took influence from what we've seen in the ketchup category, an upside down bottle with 'Anti-Leak technology'. In hindsight, as the famous insurance meerkat said  - simples!

The '4X LESS SCRUBBING' claim is another key USP message to point to what 'Max Power' delivers; the new bottle structure and 'Anti-Leak' technology all ladder up to Fairy being the clear market leader. These seemingly small innovations ladder up in consumers' minds too - and in this instance point to why you should buy the top tier 'Max Power', above and beyond the core lines. The brand capturing different consumers at different price points.

Smart play Fairy brand team, but you have been doing it for over 70 years ;)

*I need to have words, what was she thinking!? I'm from Yorkshire where we don't splash out on these top tier washing up liquids.


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Richard Taylor