16 January 2023

Leigh Armstrong: Will artificial intelligence homogenise creative industries?

There’s been a lot of discussion about AI and ChatGPT and if you’re anything like me, you’re already given it a go (and asked it a question you already think you know the answer to, just to see if you’re better than ‘it’).

I have to admit, I was pretty blown away by how articulate and well-constructed the responses were. But then it struck me.

Yes, it was well written. Yes it had all the ‘answers’. But it’s bland. No self-expression, no bias (rightly or wrongly), no personality. So, I decided to get meta for a moment and ask it something.


Will artificial intelligence homogenise creative industries?


Here’s it’s answer :

"Depending on how it’s used."

Repeated over and over. And then it struck me. And I’m ashamed at how obvious the answer to the question actually is. It will be us humans that are responsible for the homogenisation of creativity. After all, it’s us that are using AI – and poorly. If we continue to just pump out content with a cut and paste mentality ; if we continue to have a lack of diversity in the industry (both in terms of cultural diversity and economic diversity) then how can we be surprised? A lack of diversity of thought, experiences and questions leads to boring and bland every time.

So, Will artificial intelligence homogenise creative industries? No. I’m afraid the blame will sit squarely with us. That’s what we should be worrying about and doing everything in our power to fix.