24 May 2021

The supplements brands gym-bound Brits will be turning to

As gyms and leisure centres reopen, many Brits will be taking strenuous exercise for the first time in a while.

With that comes the risk of overexertion or even injury.

So, they’d be wise to have collagen supplements at hand, advises Amy Moring, co-founder of health brand Hunter & Gather. “Taking collagen after exercise supports healthy joints by improving inflammation, supporting the repair of surrounding muscles and improving bone strength, helping to prevent injuries and ensure shorter recovery times,” she says.

Collagen is a hot trend in sports supplements, Moring adds. “We’re seeing growing demand for our Bovine and Marine Collagen Peptides, as they offer more benefits than traditional whey-based protein powders, which simply build muscle mass.”

The best collagen supplements are “sustainably sourced, highly bioavailable, stringently lab-tested for toxins, heavy metal and pesticides, and are made without bulking agents, additives, synthetic ingredients and fillers”, she says. “These potentially harmful – and often unnecessary – ingredients can increase exposure to allergens and lessen the potency of the product.”

High quality or not, supplements containing animal collagen won’t suit people following a plant-based diet. For them, there’s the likes of Bio-Synergy, the sports nutrition & supplements brand that’s been ramping up its vegan NPD offer. It includes Lean & Green protein powder and Essential Amino Acids food supplement.

The brand has also added a DNA & Epigenetics Testing Kit, “which means we can offer hyper-personalised recommendations via our AI/app on diet, exercise and supplements”, says Bio-Synergy founder & director Daniel Herman.

It’s a canny innovation, suggests Richard Taylor, managing partner at Brandon Consultants. Successful sports nutrition & supplements brands will be those that “cater for consumers wanting more focused, honed-in products that are tailored to their lives and lifestyle”, he says.

It’ll help them achieve cut-through in a category that’s “like the wild west, with lots of new entrants coming in and chasing the money”, Taylor adds. “Brands need to find a niche and bring a level of trust and credibility to cut through the noise.”

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