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ACCA (The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) is the world’s leading accountancy body driving the profession forward and helping educate accountants in over 180 countries around the world. With a legacy of over a hundred years they provide more paths to success than any other body. We needed to celebrate the idea of providing opportunities for all, no matter what experience or background people came into accountancy with.

Our discovery phase uncovered why ACCA were different. In comparison to ACCA, other accounting bodies offered very narrow niche paths into the profession, whereas ACCA’s legacy was built on over 200,000 members and fast approaching half a million students. 

The scale of the organisation meant it had a wider range of students, offered a wider range of courses and could offer accountants support wherever their careers took them around the globe. Employers also told us that they were looking for more rounded accountants and that people with narrow niche education were no longer relevant, so we simply had to make a virtue of ACCA’s breadth in depth.

We built a compelling story around the breadth of offer, promoting the different paths of success you could take with the ACCA, we offered more paths to success than anyone else. This idea led to a creative campaign where students could draw their own vision of success, a universally and easily understood concept the world over.