Growth ahoy!
Bringing the Captain back to the table and growth back to the frozen fish category

Brand & Design Strategy, Brand Architecture, Identity, Packaging

Shoppers had started to turn their backs on frozen fish - the category was stuck in a rut and ripe for a refresh. Our insight told us that mums fondly remembered Captain BirdsEye being at their dinner tables when they were children. We tapped into that powerful memory and brought him back to the table after a decade cast adrift at sea, transforming the fortunes of the BirdsEye frozen fish range and wider category.

Beyond the return of the Captain we had to help people understand the roles of each of the products within the coated fish and fish finger ranges. They then could find the ones that best suited their weekly needs, whether they choose fish fingers as the safe bet the kids will love, or the breaded products as a simple homely range for the family throughout the week, or the battered range for a fish ‘n’ chips Friday night treat. 

We used colour coding in the graphic banner and the plate pattern to help separate the products within the range pillars and fish variants within each of these pillars, helping to make it easier to understand a complex product architecture when walking down the frozen aisle with only a few seconds to shop.

The design also had to work hard at driving real food naturalness, in a world where many food scandals had mums concerned about the additives and nasties that they expected many brands to add into their products. A core design challenge was to deliver ‘real food, simply made’ and ensure each SKU design lived up to that mantra.