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Bringing The Captain back to the table

Influenced by nostalgia, we redesigned a family dinner staple. Helping make busy mum’s lives a little easier with quick and healthy dinner options.

01 Challenge

Birds Eye frozen foods have graced the Nation’s tables for over 60 years. Their brand is a firm family favourite. Imagine a bag of frozen peas. Who made them? Chances are you say Birds Eye.

Faced with reduced demand for frozen foods, the category was seeing a small but steady decline. While the Birds Eye brand remained strong in peoples’ minds, their connection with the actual products in the range had weakened.

So, they came to us to help reinvigorate the brand, deliver its new mantra of ‘real food, simply made’ — and put their frozen range back on the menu.

6 Fi Fi min

02 Insight

We discovered that mums have fond memories of Captain Birds Eye from their childhood dinner tables. So, after a decade cast adrift at sea, we brought him back.

He represented a strong link between the ‘real food’ values of the past and simpler times. A throwback to when family mealtimes didn’t involve people being distracted by their digital devices (those were the days ey!).

We also realised we needed to help people better understand the range of different products within the coated fish and fish finger ranges…

Birds Eye Pack Line Up

03 Idea

Using colour coding in a graphic banner — red for battered, blue for breaded — as well as the plate pattern in our designs helped shoppers differentiate between fish types.

Now mums could find the products that best suited their needs. Whether they chose fish fingers (the safe bet the kids will love), breaded products (a simple filling fix for the whole family), or the battered range for a Friday treat.

Our design heroes the products themselves. Awakening happy memories of times spent around the family dinner table, or at the seaside having a tasty treat after having a day at the beach.

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2020 Simply Breaded Before And After
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