Helping ostomates in their hour of need

Brand & Design Strategy Identity Communication Experience

ConvaTec is one of the world’s leading ostomy care providers, helping people to become more than their ostomy. The business began with cutting edge ostomy care technology but over the last decade the competition had crept up and was now starting to steal a big share of the market. A new approach to the ConvaTec ostomy brand communications was needed, one that focused more on ostomate outcomes than product technology.

Our insight lead us to understand that people living with an ostomy wanted to live as normal a life as they possibly could, they didn’t want people to turn around and tell them “no, you can’t do that”. They wanted to be liberated from their ostomy and kept telling us time and time again that they can be whoever they want and do whatever they want. They didn’t want the stigma that people associated with an ostomy to knock back their confidence. The phrase we heard over and over again started with ‘I CAN’, so that struck a chord and became the heart of the new global ConvaTec ostomy campaign.

We moved the business and brand forward into this new emotional space, that helped them to once again connect with an ostomate audience that had by and large forgot they existed. The recruitment and retention of ostomates was critical for the future of the business, at a time when there was little product innovation in the pipeline. The fact that the ConvaTec ostomy products were and remain to this day to have cutting edge technology at their core didn’t change. The business simply needed to refresh its brand to catch up with the lives of people living with an ostomy, once again making them relevant in their time of need.