A little taste of
‘La Dolce Vita’

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Mamma’s love for her family is seen in the passion, love and care she puts into their food. Bringing her family together to laugh, drink, eat and be merry. We’ve brought a little bit of Mamma’s love back home, from our family to yours.

Despite containing some of Italy’s best tasting produce, Cook Italia had lost its way, with many Mums telling us that they didn’t understand it, they didn’t know if it was at the entry level own-label end or at the top fighting with the big boys. This range of Italian staple ingredients clearly needed some of Mamma’s love to be brought back to both the brand and our dining tables.

We began by simplifying the name and dropping the ‘n’ from Italian, everybody called it ‘Cook Italia’ so who are we to argue?

Cook Italia is made up of a co-operative of Italian farming families coming together to bring you their best produce. It’s a brilliant and authentic story that we just had to promote.

We created a new art deco ‘Cook Italia’ logotype, added in the product descriptor dead centre so it was easy for people to find in a rush, and then celebrated the passion and love of food that only a genuine Italian family can deliver, by placing the families in the business eating at their dining table on the Amalfi coast.