A new generation of healthy eating awaits

Brand Positioning & Strategy Brand Identity Packaging Design Naming

SCI-MX are revered as one of the UK’s leading sports nutrition brands, known for their protein powders and snack bars. The business wanted to democratize healthy eating beyond their core food on-the-go range and targeted time starved healthy eaters looking for a quick fix balanced ready meal that tasted great.

The brand name had to be something you would get in a flash at the fixture and EATFIT did exactly what it says on the tin, well tub in this case. The brand design opportunity beyond the name was to fuse the design language of premium ‘ready meals’ with those of sports nutrition. We did this through a combination of overhead photography of meal in a bowl cooked and ready for you to tuck into, with strong sport nutrition design cues; a concrete backdrop, the italicised go faster EATFIT logotype and clear health call out claims across Protein and Carbs. All finished off with a green label GDA to prove that the product contained no nasties. Bold colours were used across the range to highlight 4 different recipes: Cajun Chicken, Pad Thai Chicken, Tumeric Chicken and Korean Chicken.