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With the global health and wellness trend changing what and how we eat, we were asked to help Atkins to promote a tasty low-carb and low-sugar snack bar amidst a world of natural bars laden with sugar and carbs.

Many of us remember the low-carb principles of the Atkins diet from the 1980s, we may also recall it being the diet of its day. The challenge is that most snacking products that we believe to be natural are loaded with sugars, and in many cases can be as bad for you as your regular chocolate bar.

Atkins Harvest is a carb light, high fibre and low sugar (50% less sugar than the regular health bars we eat) range of snack bars designed to help people live a healthier life, whilst still continuing to eat snacks as part of their daily food ritual. Our brand challenge was clear: we had to create an identity, campaign and packaging that leverages Atkins’ unique low-carb equity.

We powered the brand with the copy line ‘Snack like a natural’ to help de-position the competition. Then we used nature’s best graphic assets: white wooden background to help us stand out on the fixture, natural fruits and a clear window into the product. Messaging had to be worked around the design so as to not be too off-putting but clear that this is better for you than the rest.