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01 Horlicks Hero


Stir up a new generation of Horlicks lovers.

The time-honoured brand that's been a trusted companion for generations since 1973. We embarked a on a journey to future-proof Horlicks, designed to reaffirm their position as the go to brand for moments of tranquility and rejuvenation. 

In todays fast -paced world, taking a moment for oneself is more important than ever. That's why we're here to remind you to pause, unwind and savour the simple pleasures of life with Horlicks. 

01 Challenge

Iconic British brand Horlicks has been well-loved for generations as the traditional bedtime drink. But with their incredibly loyal consumers 65 years old on average, they risked falling into decline. It was time to break their category misconceptions — and appeal to a younger audience.

We set out to prove to people that Horlicks isn’t just for grandparents. And it isn’t just for bedtime!

So how did we attract a new generation of Horlicks lovers?

03 Horlicks Drinkers

02 Insight

The world we live in is fast paced. Ask anyone how their day has been, chances are they say ‘busy’. Sometimes we just need to take a breather.

Our research showed that perceptions as a bedtime drink helped people associate Horlicks with relaxation — making caffeine-free Horlicks the perfect malted accompaniment for anyone trying to take a moment for themselves out of their hectic day.

The ideal remedy to a busy life (besides maybe winning the lottery…).

This formed the basis of our ‘take a moment’ platform. Shifting the brand position from one focused on sleep to a broader association with relaxation.

04 Horlicks ONOFF
05 Horlicks Packs

03 Idea

We needed to challenge the conventional category norms. To shift the brand’s positioning away from how the product makes you feel, and towards the idea of what it helps you do.

This shift needed an updated visual identity. So we built one!

Horlicks new identity features inviting, comforting imagery that feels more ‘breather’ than ‘bedtime’. Gone is the mug, the clouds and the barley — replaced by a meandering, vapor road heading to a welcoming home. A warm, human touch on each pack brings feelings of relaxation and calm to a wider audience.

06 Horlicks TAM
08 Horlicks Scenes
09 Horlicks Billboard
10 Hrolicks Truck
11 Horlicks Cups
12 Horlicks Overview