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There are many iconic Great British brands that throughout the longevity of their shelf life have managed to keep their hardcore fans passionate, conjuring feelings of nostalgia and loyalty. But in order for Horlicks to continue to win its fight for relevance it had to refresh itself to appeal to a new, broader audience.

We all know Horlicks exists in the world, but how many of us actually drink it? Sure, it has a core fanatical consumer base, but we quickly realised in order to make it appealing to a more democratic audience, we had to address two misconceptions of the brand that we uncovered through research. 

Firstly, we needed to change the perception that it is a drink just for helping you get to sleep at bedtime. Ensuring that people realised there is a place in our lives throughout the day for this caffeine-free malted hot drink. Secondly, we needed to broaden the target audience to both lapsed users and younger consumers, who may have previously thought Horlicks was a drink for an older generation. 

We started by looking at just what Horlicks stood for as a brand, its malted taste was the perfect antidote to the ‘always on’ world in which we live. This led us to a new brand position, the concept of helping people to simply ‘slow down’. We wanted to communicate that Horlicks understands modern life can be chaotic and having lengthy ‘me time’ is generally an unachievable goal in any given day. We developed the idea of a Horlicks moment that could be taken at any time of the day.

Our new Horlicks identity not only brings the brand back to the front of people’s minds but sets them up as an ‘anytime drink’. It also imbues a much-needed sense of calmness and warming sense of Great British nostalgia, all helping us to take a moment from our ‘always on’ lives.