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01 IEBS Hero

IE Business School

Maximising a novel approach to higher education.

Embarking on a journey of transformation, IE Business School's new brand strategy and visual identity was designed to encapsulate their distinctive approach and vibrant culture. At IE they foster innovation, embrace diversity, and empower individuals to shape the future of businesses and societies. 

This new brand strategy aims to articulate these core values, positioning IE as a trailblazer in education.

01 Challenge

IE Business School was founded in the 1970s, established by entrepreneurs to reinvent higher education, putting individuals at the heart and giving them the best real-world experience. Today, the school remains true to its founding principle that education isn’t one-size-fits-all and entrepreneurial spirit continues to thrive internally.

Challenging the educational status quo isn’t easy when you’re growing bigger and bigger. So they came to us for help in bringing internal teams on the journey to achieve consistency whilst still allowing their entrepreneurial spirit to thrive— at scale.

03 NBY

02 Insight

‘Curated learning’ has always been part of IE’s ethos — but after deep diving into their current culture we understood the need to help create and formalise a shared internal philosophy. To preserve the best of IE’s culture as they grow.

Once we got to know IE, their people, their students, and their mindsets. The proposition was clear: IE is about ‘shaping the next best you’.

Whether ‘you’ are a student looking for a more modern approach to higher education, or a lecturer, marketeer, administrator or other vital role played by university employees.

04 Patterns

03 Idea

To get everyone on the same page (literally), we built an internal Brand Blueprint, setting the vision and guiding future internal decision making, Guidelines to explain the brand and culture to colleagues across the school.

They cover everything from brand purpose and beliefs to brand promise and behaviours. Alongside an ownable brand identity that translates the ‘personalised education’ ethos into visual designs. The eclectic mix of shapes, patterns and photography with signature bold blue helps position the individual at the centre of it all.

With more departments to explore in the wider Madrid-based university, we’re only getting started…

06 Student
08 IEBS Billboard
10 IEBS Building
11 IEBS Iphone
12 IEBS Lanyard
13 IEBS Lecture