Bringing back the love

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Birds Eye Inspirations launched to great fanfare and success in 2012, but it had more recently lost its appeal. People had started to fall out of love with the brand, they didn’t know the role it now played in their lives. We had to rekindle people’s love for the simplicity and convenience of inspiring premium frozen meals, bringing back a little dining out-dining in, into people’s lives.

When tackling this challenge we knew that people were tempted into the chilled ready meal category, driven by taste tantalising food photography used to lure them in. This insight helped us to drive our thinking around the ‘dining out-dining in’ meal that people said they were looking for to add inspiration into their lives. It was vital that we promoted a strong brand identity that elevated the high quality of our produce and inspired people to take a break from their normal weekly ritual, sharing something new to please their loved ones. We achieved this by taking craft cues from the drinks industry, whilst at the same time clearly highlighting the simple product innovations such as boil in the bag, that would help people to prepare a wonderfully tasty, healthy meal in minutes without the fuss that turned many people off cooking fish.

Birds Eye Inspirations covers a variety of mouth-watering meal options for different dining occasions through the week; with fish, chicken and beef burger products to help you bring some quick inspiration to the dining table. It was important that each of these products shine in their own light but be held together within the BirdsEye Inspirations family. We used a variety of table settings, photographic angles and colour backgrounds to celebrate the role that each product family could play. From healthy flavoursome fish chargrills through to more indulgent battered fish for a treat, or chicken mini fillets as a great quick and easy lunch snack option.