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01 Knect Hero


Let’s talk about sex. And intimacy.

In a world filled with noise and unrealistic expectations around sex, we decided to take a different approach. Introducing the rebranded KY Jelly, where our focus isn't just on physical sensations, but how we connect with each other. 

We understand that in today's fast-paced world, it's easy to lose touch with your partner. Whether you're reigniting the passion or simply strengthening the connection with your partner, everyone could use a little help to enhance the intimacy. 

01 Challenge

We’ve all seen bold and playful brands with outspoken sex-positive messaging gaining market traction in sexual healthcare in recent years.

But sex-positive lubricant isn’t new. Championed by healthcare professionals — and the NHS — KY Jelly has been around over 120 years. Offering high quality lubricant you can trust for the moments that matter to you.

But KY Jelly’s clinical feel lacked emotion and was failing to stand out on shelf amongst flash new competition. It was time to reconnect with their consumers…

03 Knect Spoon

02 Insight helping their consumers to reconnect with each other.

Despite emerging category codes focused around frequent, passionate and playful sex, for many couples their bedroom reality looked very different. We found people were quickly falling out of the habit of sex, and intimacy, due to the stress of everyday life.

So how could KY Jelly help real couples struggling with intimacy?

04 Knect Kiss

03 Idea

We started by creating a new brand name, ‘Knect’ (can you see the theme here?!), alongside new packaging and a comms campaign.

Knect builds on the idea of regaining intimacy, adding emotion, and bringing a greater sense of meaning to the brand — and the bedroom.

Waving goodbye to the current clinical look and feel, we brought the new brand to life with a subtle-yet-suggestive illustration of two people kissing, paired with an accessible, soft pastel colour palette.

Knect now stands out proudly. A distinct presence against the extroverted, and unrealistic, noise that dominates the category.

06 Knect Pack Skin
09 Knect Billboard