Relight my fire

Brand & Design Strategy Brand Identity Packaging Design

Jamaica Ginger Cake was once staple fare in every cupboard across Britain, that simple cake that you knew everyone would love when they popped in for a tea and cake. Times were a-changing and many shiny new contenders were vying for our attention. The brand had started to lose its appeal, so it was time to rekindle its light and once again ignite the brand for a new generation.

Jamaica Ginger Cake had lost its sparkle and Mums, Aunties and Grandmas who’d bought it generation after generation had fallen out of love with it. The identity and packaging no longer looked relevant as the brand design in cakes had moved on. 

We refreshed the long-lost love in our hearts by bringing the brand back up to date, making sure it remained relevant once again. A simple redraw of the logotype to drive stronger legibility, a bright and vibrant Jamaican beach scene illustration hit with rays of Caribbean sunshine, all amplified with a bright new red that jumped out of the fixture and shouted “buy me” once again.