A bit of the good stuff

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Nelstrops have been making the finest quality flour from their iconic Stockport mill for fast approaching 200 years and across six generations. Always one to stay ahead of the game, their family team looked to create a healthier flour that retains some of the bran and wheat germ but that can still be baked and cooked as normal. “Well, for Goodness bakes” we said, this makes so much sense! So much in fact, that ‘For Goodness Bakes’ quickly became the brand name for this exciting new flour concept.

To help tell the ‘Goodness bakes’ story we created the ‘Goodness-o-Meter’ a fun, hand-drawn illustration that highlights the milling process used to deliver this more natural goodness product concept. We created a window into the product to highlight the difference as you can see the wheat germ within the flour. Purple was used to not only standout against a sea of white on fixture, but as a premium colour cue against the mainstream flour products on shelf.