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Updating an icon in the chilled aisle.

Cutting through the competition with a restaurant-inspired packaging redesign for market leader PizzaExpress.

01 Challenge

Name a brand that’s both a high street favourite AND supermarket sweetheart? In the world of pizza, you’ve got to be thinking of PizzaExpress.

The successful launch of their chilled range brought huge category growth and a taste of Italian authenticity into the pizza section… but now other brands wanted a slice of the action.

The fixture was fast becoming visually noisy and overpopulated with the same old category codes. So they came to us for help to demonstrate their brand leadership. To differentiate their position on shelf.

How did we help them cut through category ‘norms’? 

02 Insight

Jazz-inspired PizzaExpress was born in Soho in 1965. Oozing with artistic style (and melted cheese) — their origins have helped shape their identity as a firm family favourite with a creative twist.

Many fond memories were formed in PizzaExpress over the years. From live music, to birthdays, to dinner with friends. If you grew up in the UK without going to a PizzaExpress you missed out!

Now with locations worldwide, we discovered their restaurant brand equity wasn’t coming through as strongly on supermarket shelves. We needed to bring the real PizzaExpress experience into the homes of shoppers.

03 Idea

Focusing on the distinctive PizzaExpress brand assets (instead of generic category visual codes) gave us license to create something a bit different with their packaging.

Their iconic restaurant logo makes a bold statement, connecting to their restaurant associations of quality, passion and artistry. Simplified packs have visual clutter removed and their range hierarchy is strengthened with clear guidelines. 

Shout out to Emily Simpson who created the beautiful food illustrations, and Dan Forster who crafted a novel font to help us stay true to PizzaExpress’s distinctive ‘flair’.

Now, who fancies a slice of margherita formaggi?

Mid Tier Illustrations
PE Mid tier Boxes 02 Angular 01 Rectangle