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Bringing warmth and personality to the coldest fixture

Helping Pizza Express launch a new range of premium products. To add some flair to emergency meals for frozen category shoppers.

01 Challenge

Already dominating in chilled, Pizza Express saw an opportunity to get a slice of the action in the freezer aisle.

Shoppers in frozen fill a different need. They aren’t buying tonight’s meal (unlike in chilled) but instead planning for the week. With frozen food’s recent rise in popularity, more shoppers were on the hunt for premium, emergency meal options to keep in the freezer.

With the supermarket section dominated by veg and ice cream, they needed an eye-catching pack design to launch their range. So they came to us.

Never one to say no to pizza, we got stuck in!

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02 Insight

The rise in the frozen foods category had partially been driven by changes in shopper habits post Covid-19. Consumers were starting to recognise that the high-quality products offered in the frozen aisle could help make their weekly shops easier. And with current frozen pizza options at the value end of the market, there was space for a trusted brand to take charge.

Following on from our work in the chilled aisle, we knew the Pizza Express restaurant associations with quality and flair would still be relevant.

So inspired by their signature restaurant design codes… our team got to work.

02 PE Ingredients

03 Idea

The new frozen identity we developed expresses the care, artistry, and craft that goes into every Pizza Express product.

We brought in a new white colourway inspired by Pizza Express’s signature white marble tabletops and used the same style of gorgeous ingredient illustrations Emily Simpson created for our chilled range.

Dan Forster crafted a new font to help the packaging stand out behind a door or stacked in a chest freezer. Inspired by the brand’s close connection with the world of music and jazz, it dances across the front of pack to give a distinctive Pizza Express sense of ‘pizzazz’.

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