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Santa Maria

Popping open a world of flavour

The global flavour experts at Santa Maria were on a mission to revolution the snacking category, infusing it with the vibrant tastes and exotic flavours from around the world. Say goodbye to boring snacks and hello to a culinary adventure with every bite.

With spices from every corner of the globe, each pop chip is a taste sensation waiting to be discovered to unleash your inner flavour enthusiast.

01 Challenge

Santa Maria is famous Europe-wide for its spices and seasonings. With a large range that explores tastes from around the world, they came to us ready to take a bite of the well-established snacking category.

Never one to shy away from new opportunities, they saw the chance to disrupt the category across the Nordics and Europe with their reputation for bold flavour.

We were brought on board to make the most of Santa Maria’s brand equity with a new range design. To help create a growth platform for the business.

03 SM Diamonds

02 Insight

With a rich history in spice trading, Santa Maria’s brand promise is ‘no more boring meals’. They bring consumers powerful and exciting flavours to help energise mealtimes.

This naturally lends itself well to the idea of bringing more energy to the snacks category (sometimes the simple approach is best!). And so, ‘no more boring snacks’ was born…

This allowed us to shift their brand equity around taste exploration into a new category. Banishing snacking boredom by tapping into their portfolio of trusted world flavours to launch their new range of pop chips.

03 Idea

Our ‘snacks out of this world’ concept combines the brand’s heritage with NPD opportunities — all while bringing a little playfulness and energy into the category.

The pack design features the ‘four corners of the world’ diamond, connecting closely with the brand’s logo. The ‘flavour vortex’ swirl on each pack features product imagery and flavour cues to take consumers on a global taste adventure.

North, East, South or West, Santa Maria brings flavours from around the world. From Flaming Jalapeno Cheese to Dreamy Sour Cream & Onion and beyond. Taste fusions that will tickle your tastebuds, from Mexico to Mumbai.

06 SM Map
08 SM No More Boring Snacks