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NSFW?! Sex sells… energy drinks!

Transforming experiential retail with a provocative sex-shop inspired activation, helping Sneak launch their new flavours with a bang.

01 Challenge

The UK’s energy drink category, valued at over £1.7billion, is growing at a whopping 13%. It’s the largest and most profitable segment of the market. And Sneak Energy are one of brands at the heart of it.

They’d had huge success building their audience of 18-34 year old gamers — and came to us with big ambitions for a retail activation for their limited edition Valentine’s Day products to help turn the heads of a new audience.

So how did we launch the Sex on the Beach and Peachy Cream flavours with a bang?

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02 Insight

Sneak thrive on being unconventional. Rejecting category norms and embracing the eccentric and passionate nature of their fanbase.

They know gamers love an exclusive ‘drop’ and wanted to bring them something with an IRL twist. A full-force, sensory experience to appeal to the brand’s community spirit and give fans something to talk about.

As the saying goes, sex sells. So for Valentine’s Day, that’s exactly what we went with.

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05 Sneak Outside

03 Idea

Welcome to the Sneak Show.

Working collaboratively with Sneak’s partners, we created a concept that used the entire retail space, turning a café in Soho into an immersive vintage sex shop-inspired experience.

We curated a consumer journey fitting Sneak’s brand with a bold, tongue-in-cheek experience also running across socials. Bringing together fantasy worlds with hyper-realistic gaming themes.

The storefront incorporated humour and innuendo to invite fans to stay and play (games of course!) with fellow Sneak afficionados while sampling the new flavours.

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