Reviving a Gifting Super Power

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Thorntons has been in homes and hearts since 1911; it’s what we’ve grown up with. Its Classic Collection range was once widely celebrated as the perfect gift for all occasions. Many new chocolate brands had come in to try and steal its thunder. We had to revive its fortunes once again and remind people why it was so special. Whilst all the others are chocolate brands we know and love every day, Thorntons was the only gift chocolate brand that showed you cared. We simply wrapped the Classic Collection up in a bow to hero its unique gifting power.

Many of us have grown up with Thorntons in our lives, the perfect gift for all occasions. However, the Classic Collection had started to look dated. It looked great when you walked across the threshold of a Thorntons shop on the high street but it looked tired when sat amidst a tough competitive set in the supermarket.

Our ‘brand first’ strategy made it easy to find Thorntons on the fixture within milliseconds. It’s what people told us they were struggling to find, so we hit them with that dead centre of the iconic gifting bow. We used the same treatment for the tier above - Thorntons Continental - so people could quickly chose between a £5 or £10 box depending on how much love they wanted to show.

We then used colour to differentiate between the core Classic Collection assortments in supermarket, with a secondary palette for use in the shops across hundreds of SKUs.