Where is the love?!

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Thornton’s Continental were the posh chocolates that tickled our taste buds for generations. Just after the Second World War, one of the best Chocolatiers in Europe, Walter Willen, brought with him a new collection of soft-centred chocolates. They were and had held a special place in our hearts for decades, but more recently we’d fallen out of love as they’d lost their specialness. We had to re-ignite the love affair once again.

We all had a favourite chocolate - be it Alpini Praline, Sicilian Lemon or Viennese Truffle. Each of these brought back cherished memories from our childhood, memories that we wanted to empower the brand once again when stood at the fixture in a supermarket.

Our initial challenge was to unite the lower tier Thorntons Classic with Thorntons Continental. We created a masterbrand ‘Thorntons first’ strategy so that people could pick us out of a line up in a nano second. Both brands used white as their base colour, with Continental then exploring the original taste journey that Walter Willen brought back to Britain after the war.

We wanted to hero the chocolates that we knew and loved and celebrate the new additions to the core Continental collection, a Seville Caramel and Chocolate Milano. We cut each chocolate piece away to show the gooey centres and used iconic architecture and tiles found in each of the European cities as the backdrop for each chocolate, celebrated in gold and purple.