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Edible Oils Limited (EOL) wanted to shake up the confusing and stale oils category by developing a wonderful new branded range in response to a growing demand for speciality oils. There was a clear gap in the market for educating consumers by de-mystifying oils and creating honest, no nonsense short cuts on how to use them.

The oils category has a wide range of brands, all with different benefits and usages but with no consistent product truths running through. So, our challenge was to create a brand that would not only demystify and educate consumers on the usage of oil, but also help to inspire more confidence in the kitchen.

The first challenge unearthed within the category was that shopping for oils is normally quite a functional and often uninspiring task, “after all, they all do the same job don’t they?”. With varying levels of engagement towards cooking in the UK, consumers are largely unclear about which oil to choose and why. Speciality oils are even more unfamiliar.

 Guided by our in-depth strategic exploration work, the chosen direction for U:Me’s visual identity delivered a differentiated and lively brand with a positive, approachable and (non-judgemental) educational tone of voice. The vibrant on-pack colour palette and strongly lit food photography packs a punch, challenging the ‘norms’ currently found in the category. In fact, completely different to anything that currently sits on shelf within oils.

U:ME has now shaken up what is usually quite a serious category. And the name? Read it as you will, has just added to the creative glue that will go beyond the supermarket shelf. This is a brand with huge potential… Believe U:ME!