Open minds to a better world

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Founded by visionary politician and entrepreneur Baron Andre Vlerick in 1953, Belgian’s leading business school had a well celebrated maverick reputation to uphold. Over the years the brand and identity had dated badly and the true vibrancy and defining spirit of this school had been lost. We challenged the norm for business schools: no corporate green or blue to be found, or heritage shields and emblems with Latin inscriptions relevant for people from yesteryear. Instead a bright and forward looking identity set for the next generation of business leaders and entrepreneurs. We simply brought out the spirit of the school to make it relevant to the next generation of students.

After many days, weeks and months of probing we unearthed a clear purpose for the organisation: they opened people’s minds to a better world, and they had been doing it in their own outstanding and unique way for over 60 years. The time had come to breathe fresh life into that purpose, by focusing on the vitality that it brought to the students, the openness that we’d seen in the school, the pragmatism of real-world applied learning and the dynamic personality of this most internationally cosmopolitan school.


Once we’d helped set this new strategic course we set about creating a more relevant and future facing identity for Vlerick, one that would appeal to a new generation of entrepreneurial students, alienated by stuffy red brick traditionalism.

We created and then embedded a new strategic platform and identity across the school’s core branding and campuses in Ghent, Leuven, St Petersburg, Stellenbosch and Beijing. The school was also expanding into a new purpose built Brussels campus and we worked alongside the architect to create an amazing learning space, more akin to a Google campus, than what most might expect from a business school.