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01 Wagamama Hero


Bringing cult-classic flavours to kitchen tables.

Bringing cult-classic flavours straight to your kitchen table and empowering consumers to recreate their favourite asian inspired dishes like never before.

Say hello to the first-ever Wagamama meal kits, designed to ignite your inner chef and elevate your dining in experience. A journey of culinary exploration and putting their own unique spin on beloved classics.

01 Challenge

In 2020 we were all faced with a lot of changes. Not least in the hospitality industry.

With restaurants remaining closed, Wagamama embraced their Kaizen (good change) philosophy — and decided to try something new.

Aiming to get listed in the major supermarket chains, they decided to launch a Wok from Home meal kit range to allow loyal consumers to continue to enjoy the brand while restaurants remained closed.

The spirit of Wok from Home was about nourishing consumer’s bodies and minds. Giving them all the tools — and inspiration — they needed to recreate their favourite Wagamama classics from home.

03 Girl drinking broth

02 Insight

Wagamama had discovered that consumers are keen to expand their culinary skills but are held back by a lack of knowledge in Asian cuisine?. They wanted help to unlock their creative flair and explore new recipes in the kitchen that they knew they’d enjoy.

Cooking something new at home wasn’t about seeking perfection, it was about putting your own spin on a dish you know and love. And having fun in the process.

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03 Idea

Our packaging design inspires consumers to add their own touch to cult classics — under the tutelage of Wagamama’s Global Executive Chef.

This comes to life with photography that heroes the food alongside illustrations to represent creative freedom in the kitchen. And packs include a ‘tips and hacks’ section to encourage people to try different things.

Wagamama’s instantly recognisable brand identity helps drive awareness in a new channel, securing that all-important standout spot on shelf.

Keeping to their promise of ‘Every Bowl Makes a Difference’, profits from the first twelve months of sales will be donated to charity YoungMinds.

06 Wagamama Solo
04 bowl illustrations
10 Waga Chopsticks