Packaging a funky free-from brand

Brand Positioning & Strategy Brand Identity Packaging Design

Yorica is a free-from iced treat brand, with its flaghsip store in London’s Soho. The business wanted to take its ice cream range across the nation to people who were guarded against allergens and in search of vegan alternatives.

The instore Yorica environment flexes a laid-back California vibe, which is great when you can experience the brand in that environment but didn’t translate into a packaging design that worked on shelf. We were brought in to amplify the brand identity and ensure it was fit for purpose in the competitive world of the supermarket frozen dessert aisle.

We retained the core Yorica logotype and created a vibrant op art illustration backdrop to ensure the brand stood out on in a visual crowded landscape of competitors. Each illustration differed in style and the colour related to the flavour profile. We utilised the brands unique claim of being free from 14 major allergens across the lid in a strong repeat pattern.